It’s the holidays at Qriket!

So, we’ve launched Qriket 4.0 and these last two weeks have been crazy! As busy as it’s been though we’ve still managed to take in the holiday season together and keep things festive.

We’ve got the Christmas lights going, the tree of course and presents starting to pile up underneath the tree. I love the holiday season and couldn’t be happier that my position at Qriket has brought me to downtown Toronto where I get to see the CN tower being lit up red, white and green every night – Toronto does Christmas right!


Last night the team got together for our little annual Christmas celebration before we break for the holidays – well, I say that as if people at Qriket actually take holidays…really we’ll all still be glued to our computers as our families yell at us to “come to dinner!”


First of all, if you’re in the city, definitely check out Fieramosca in the heart of Yorkville, it was a fantastic venue for our celebration. We enjoyed some delicious food and had a great time together. It was cool to watch our founders Jonny and Mark take in the evening with a huge smile on their faces. When I asked them “why the big grins?” They said they were so happy to see how the Qriket team has grown this year, mentioning that last year only half of the dining table was used!


I think it’s safe to say 2013 was a big year for Qriket, and we can’t wait for the New Year and all the things we have planned to share with you in 2014. For now, we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday! Make sure you stay tuned for some upcoming wand giveaways happening over the Christmas Break!


Qriket 4.0 and My First Week!


Hey there folks,

Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Shannon and I’m the new Community Manager over here at Qriket. You’ll be hearing a lot from me as we continue to grow, and I want to make sure our users are along for the ride! I’ve been with Qriket for just over a week now, and I was lucky to be a part of the preparation for the launch of Qriket 4.0.

The team here has been so excited to introduce everyone to our updated iOS app, and now that it’s finally out we love all the positive feedback we’ve been getting. It’s definitely a big change from the versions before, but we wanted to make it easier for our users to earn wands and win money! Every day you will be receiving 3 free wands, just for opening the app and playing! To earn more, just engage with the feed as it updates daily – it’s that simple. And really, who doesn’t love winning free cash?

I know I’ve only been here a short time, but I’m loving every minute of it. Every person on the Qriket team is so passionate about the company and that couldn’t have been more obvious in preparing for 4.0. We all want to see our users enjoying the app, which is really what it’s all about (well, that and earning some dough!) The great thing about the group here at Qriket is that we’re really just a bunch of app lovers like you!

So that’s my little introduction. You’ll be hearing much more from me, so make sure you check in as I provide updates on all the exciting things that are happening…and perhaps some random musings as well! And folks, we love hearing from our users so feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts and comments.

For now, I hope everyone gets to the App Store and downloads the new Qriket 4.0, and we’ll chat soon!



Get the all-new Qriket 4.0!

Hello Qriket friends,

We are so excited to tell you about our new and improved version of Qriket – Qriket 4.0!

Our new release has made it easier than it’s ever been to play and win money.  Here’s the scoop:

Some of you may have noticed that you don’t need to find those pesky QR codes anymore…and you’re right!  

With Qriket 4.0, everything you need to win is right on your device when you open the app.  You’ll still receive free wands daily and our newly redesigned ‘feed’ gives you a ton of opportunities to earn wands – more than we’ve ever had before!

It’s been just over a year since our launch back in July 2012, and since then Qriket users have won more than $1.3 million!  We are proud to have reached this milestone and include each and every one of you as a partner in our business.  As Qriket continues to grow, so does the amount of money we give back to you!

Just head over to the App Store to download the new Qriket 4.0 for free.  It’s never been easier to play and win!

The Qriket Team


Qriket Launches Revamped Version 4.0

Qriket 4.0 offers even more opportunities to engage and earn real cash

Toronto (December 16, 2013) – Today, Qriket released an exciting new version of their free mobile app that makes it easier for users to win real cash dollars.

Since their launch in July 2012, Qriket has already awarded more than 1.3 million dollars in cash to over 22,000 users. “Qriket is really about building a fun and entertaining experience around the consumption of media,” says founder Jonathan Comparelli. “When you sign up to Qriket, you become a shareholder in our business.”

Up to 40% of Qriket’s revenue is placed into a prize pool where players are given the opportunity to win between $0.05 to $500 every day.

Founded in 2010, Qriket is the brainchild of then 19-year-old University of Toronto student Jonathan Comparelli. The Toronto-based company has secured investors and created a business model that has seen the company grow to a staff of 14 with offices in both Toronto and New York City. Today, at just 22 years old, Jonathan is one of the youngest CEOs in Canada.

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